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Blog #2 - San Francisco

Greetings from the Pumpkin bubble. It's been a fun and busy last couple of weeks, and I'm sorry that I haven't been able to check in more often. I'll try to be better about that.

I think everyone in the band would agree that the first residency in Asheville, NC was a tremendous success on multiple levels. The people of Asheville-and all of those who traveled from distant places-completely happened their hearts and ears to us, and for that we will be forever grateful. So far, San Francisco has been a lot of fun as well. However, the energy here is much different than Asheville. Not better or worse, just different; it will be exciting to see what happens here as we get farther into the shows.

Some of you might be wondering what exactly we are do during these residencies. A typical day might go something like this: After we wake up, each us works individually in our hotel room-writing songs, working on guitar/bass/keyboard/drum parts, etc. After that, we head to the venue and practice for three or four hours. During these practices, we might work on something that didn't go well the night before, work on a new song Billy wrote in the morning, or just jam on new ideas. When we finish practicing, we usually have a few hours to ourselves before we have to get ready for the show, which on most nights lasts about three hours. It definitely isn't uncommon for us to play a song during the show that Billy wrote in the morning. So what you see during the show is a band actually creating and trying new things. I think we all feel it is a blessing to spend the whole day playing music, and I can't think of a better way to make strong musical friendships than playing together as much as possible.

After last night's show, Ginger and I, along with the War Tapes, headed out to Popscene to end the night. We had a blast, and I want to say thanks to Nako for treating us so well. The kids in the War Tapes are just wonderful, and I'm excited to see them rock tonight. If you have a chance, check their stuff out. You won't be disappointed.

OK, we're to Santa Cruz today to play one show out of the city. See you soon!

the real frontman

Europe, Video and Asheville - Blog from Jeff Schroeder

Asheville, NC – Thanks for tuning in. The last couple of months has been a real exciting time for both the band and me personally. Recently, someone in the Pumpkin family decided that it would be a great idea if a band member contributed a blog to the website in an effort to give all the internet people out there a closer look into the day-to-day experiences of band struggling to combat the unknown forces of "the road." For some reason, it was quickly decided that the person would be me (I guess that's what going to graduate school gets you…). So throughout the duration of the tour I'll be sharing stories, events, photos and all other types of nonsense that you might find interesting. Since we have a lot of ground to cover, I'll get right into it.

I think I can speak for all involved when I say that our recently completed trip to Europe was successful on multiple levels. We had a lot of fun together and did our best to bring the rock each and every night. While all of the shows were great and unique in their own way, there were some definite highlights. One stand out moment was the addition of Uli Jon Roth to the line-up for three shows in Germany. If you don't already know, Uli Jon Roth replaced Michael Schenker in the Scorpions and played with the band from 1974 to 1978, helping the band move out of their Kraut-rock roots and become the shuffle producing machine that they are known for today. His playing on these early Scorpions recordings is simply phenomenal and his influence within the rock guitar community goes largely unnoticed. But once you listen, you'll realize that his playing is beyond world class and on par with more recognized guitar players such as Ritchie Blackmore. I'd like to hear what Yngwie Malmsteen would have sounded like if there was no Uli Jon Roth. Besides being a great musician, Uli shared his beautiful soul with us, and for that we're all quite thankful. For a few shows after he left, Billy and I would just look at Uli's spot on the stage and acknowledge his spirit.

After a month of rocking in Europe, on Wednesday morning we got on a plane and flew from London straight to Atlanta to film a video for "Tarantula." I don't want to give too much away, but I will say that making the video was a blast, and all of the extras involved really made it a special moment that I think you're going to enjoy.

After making the video, we jumped in a van and began making trek to Asheville, NC. For about a minute, we all of got nostalgic about the days of touring in a van, and to make the moment even more authentic, we stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel just outside of Atlanta. The food was amazing, and we all tested our intelligence playing the wooden-triangle-with-holes-and-golf tees-game. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm sorry; and it's much too complicated to explain. But let me say this, we found out that our rhythm section, Jimmy and Ginger, are the most intelligent members of the band. We arrived in Asheville late Thursday night/early Friday morning. To protect the feelings of our driver, I'll just say that we made safe. I won't mention anything about the dirt roads that take you from Atlanta to Asheville.

On Friday morning, a bunch of us took to the streets of downtown Asheville to have a look around. According to BC, it only took about 30 seconds for someone to ask him if we wanted some "PB"-pure bud. Awesome. But it only gets better, a few moments after that, while walking down the street, someone else asked Billy if he would take a photo with his monkey sock (or something like that).

But in all honesty, the people that we've met in Asheville have been wonderful, and we're just as excited to be here as they are to have us.

Talk to you after the show.
the real frontman

Message from the band

Dear Friends,

Hello from the Mighty SP!

We are just arrived from Old Europe, and would like to send heartfelt thanks to all the fans who saw us play over this last month...the shows were truly memorable, and we are ever indebted and so very grateful for such a warm welcome back...

A few words then from us then about our 9 show residency in Asheville, and the 13 show stand at the Fillmore in San Fransico...our stated hope for playing so many shows in a fixed locale is to foster an environment of creativity, risk taking, and mutual attempt to find some new forms (musically and aesthetically) that will point us future forward...this means playing songs not yet written, digging thru some forgotten ones, and a whole lot of rehearsing during the days ahead so the nights will be filled with chance...we hope that each of these performances can be a great adventure, and look fully to capture the spirit of the moment, wherever we all may be...

Also, a clear declaration of our new open-source taping policy...everyone is welcome to tape at our shows in whatever capacity they see fit...anyone is welcome and invited to document using audio, video, or picture cameras (cell phones are welcome)...although we do reserve the right to refuse anyone at anytime (especially if we feel the reason for recording is not for entirely altruistic)...God bless

BC 6/23/07
the real frontman

2007 (from billy)

Dear Beautiful Souls,

Happy New Year to you! May 2007 prove to be a blessed year in every respect and every way...I send you every ounce of love I have in my heart...May the grace of Mother be with you...This year for us will see a new album of songs and a world tour of tears, and we truly look forward to playing again for fans young, old, and missed...So yes, tunes are being dusted off, while others are being asked to kindly submit to an upstart millennia and all it's asking...In our daily prayers, we send out the signal that all who should hear us come forward and be seen, and by extension, heard...when we opened the lid on this music box, we were pleasantly suprised at the music that played: familiar yet unknown, welcoming but not sentimental...and that is all we can ask...God has absolutely blessed us in every respect...for many years there were private laments about opportunities missed and hearts so broken, but no more...we have turned the page and moved on, from places and faces, names and games...this age calls for resolve and certitude, and the fire within to burn ever bright...if that fire should be connected to absolutely deafening guitars, thundering drums, and the melodies of snakes, then so be it! We love you! If you are meant to be with us, find us!! We have need, and our arms are ever-open...although I can say definitively we don't need jugglers...but we do need ???? (what?) what do we need!
With a smile and a wink,
billy corgan