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A blog from Kerry. [Nov. 8th, 2010|11:08 am]
Billy Corgan

Things are CRAZY right now and I like it that way. The Ray Davies (feat. Billy Corgan) song that was recorded at Coldwater Studio came out on November 6th, 2010. It sounds very cool and you should check it out here. Kevin Dippold did a great job engineering the track. The Pumpkins are in the midwest right now recording new songs for Teargarden By Kaleidyscope and Billy seems very excited about the way the recordings are progressing. The band will be hitting the road again soon, tour dates can be found here. I look forward to checking out the California SP shows in December.

Today, November 8, 2010 I am finishing 2 Smashing Pumpkins mixes from the Spin 25 show in New York. The show was completely ass kicking and the band sounds great. Here is a review from that night. I am not sure when the show will broadcast on Fuse.TV but as soon as know I will get the info up on this blog and there will be announcements on the SP Facebook, website, twitter, etc..

kerrybrown (Blogspot)

[User Picture]From: Nat Alia
2010-11-15 02:03 am (UTC)


This format of releasing one song at a time has got to be the best strategy ever. Each song comes with the excitement of finally hearing another one, which differs from albums where one can be overwhelmed with 15 songs at once.
Also, I am waiting for the concert in Perú on the 25th - I've been waiting for it since the 90's and couldn't be more excited. I'll send a fruit basket! Cheers!
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