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1st blog from Ginger [Sep. 7th, 2007|10:01 am]
Billy Corgan
Leaving San Fran

What a jam packed few months it has been for us here at the Pumpkin camp. We went from playing a two week residency in San Francisco, to doing a video in LA, to the Virgin Fest in Maryland and then went off to our second European tour for 3 weeks.

That's The Way video shootvideo shoot on motorcycle

I am currently on a plane going to Chicago from my small town in California called Los Angeles. Maybe you've heard of it? Anyway, although it has been very busy around here, we have not lacked in good times and adventure.

Hanging out on night off

This European tour was a lot different than the first. We had a lot more time to explore and meet up with old friends. Reading was particularly fun for me as I ran into a lot of my friends who were playing, too. I got to see my friends in the Cold War Kids, Funeral for a Friend and the Used. I also ran into my friend Aaron, who informed me that he has been playing in NIN for the passed few years, who knew!?

Matt from Cold War KidsMe and Matt from Cold War KidsMe and Aaron from NIN

Our show that night was so fun, probably one of our favorites so far. The crowd was amazing and there was a lot of energy on stage. I went to Reading as a fan a few years ago and it was awesome to experience the festival with my friends. Going back this time as the headliner was surreal, to say the least. I definitely don't take that for granted.

Our next stop was Greece, where as you may have heard, there was a national disaster. There were horrible fires throughout the entire country and over 50 people died. We were booked to perform in Athens and still arrived, when we found out that the show was cancelled due to the fires. We all feel very sorry for the devastation and loss of those who were affected by the fires. We are also sad to have not been able to perform, but we hope to be able to come back someday.

Going to the Acropolis

While we were in Greece, I was able to see the Parthenon and eat Greek salads. Both were amazing. Some of us also took a day trip to Delphi to see where the Oracle once lived. It is pretty fascinating to some of us history nerds to see such incredible historical sites.

me at the AcropolisBilly taking a break at DelphiRock n Coke poster for Istanbul show
Istanbul at night

Our last stop of the European tour was in Istanbul. I have always wanted to go there and it didn't disappoint me at all. It was gorgeous and we had a great time. Well, we are about to land and Billy and I are betting to see what time we think we will land. He always seems to win at these guessing games, but we'll see what happens!

See you soon!


From: Christian W
2014-08-19 08:04 pm (UTC)


Hi, not sure if Mr. Corgan will ever see this but I will send anyway with hope.
I saw you on WGN the other week and it was a blessing. I did not know the history of the song "Today" until you spoke of it on air. You said you were depressed and thought of suicide. I empathize 100% as that is where I am now in my life.
I have been trying the "Christian" route and either I am just so ignorant that I cannot get a grasp on it or it is just not for me. I have had many struggles in my life, mostly if not all were due to my own dumb-ass way of thinking at times. I have turned my life around in many areas that include a complete cessation from drinking and drugging for the last 8 years and continue to not have a single desire to ever return to that.
Recently, in May of this year, the owner of the company I worked for was arrested for fraud. I was blind-sided by this and got as prepared as I could get considering that I really did not know how to prepare since I felt I would be at this job for the rest of my life and was very happy with that.
The owner issued me a few paychecks that wound up bouncing and draining my bank account. He also found a way to somehow get my info from my debit card and withdrew money to pay operating expenses for the company that I was also unaware of. The local police have not been much help..
If it was just me in life, I may be having different thoughts but it is not.
In December of 2013, my 22-year-old daughter, whom I have not seen or spoken to in 21 years contacted me. I was a young and irresponsible father and walked out on her when she was 1-year-old. She wanted to understand the person she was and needed me for that. I met her at a restaurant and we clicked immediately. Since then I have not been trying to make up for lost time but only trying to be someone she can call a friend from here on out.
I asked her mom if I could help with the next 22 years and beyond and give mom a rest to enjoy her "works" as a spectacular mom.
She got into school in California to be a private chef and is part of a Verve Dance company in which she is amazing!
This recent obstacle in my life forced me to pull her out of school, thereby failing her once again.
I am gonna always fail someone one way or another, as we all are but my daughter is sacred to me and no exceptions are allowed.
I imagine singing or at least listening to your song "Today" since I cannot carry a note! after my death. Do not know if that is possible since I have no idea what happens when we cease to live here on earth.
Please do not think that your song encourages me to want to commit suicide, it does not. It merely brings me a feeling of serenity that I only experienced but never as good as this when I used drugs way back when.
Anyway, the way I see you carry yourself on tv reminds me of me. You seem humble and ever so kind. You have a lot inside of you that has still not surfaced and over the years you have let pieces of yourself out in the songs you write. I may not be anyone of importance to you but know that I respect you as much as my heart will allow. I have nothing to offer but a smile, my honesty, loyalty and an odd sense of humor that can border inappropriate at times :)
I am not asking for money or even a prayer, only to know that you received this and that maybe you got a smile or warm feeling after reading this. You will be around for a long time to come making people happy, I however do not see the same for me.
You have a gift and you use it well. You seem to have made use of everything presented to you over the years in a way that benefits you and those you care about. Saying thank you does not do you justice and until someone can invent a word that does, "thank you" will have to do and I will give you a rain-check until the perfect sentiment comes my way!
Thank you for your time and I hope the ground always rises up to meet your feet. Keep being beautiful. Keep being you. A perfect recipe for greatness.

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