August 3rd, 2004

the real frontman

Blinking with Fists.

dum dum dum dum....dummmmmmmbbbbbbbbbb!!! hello friends, neighbors, lovers, poets to be, cloaked agents of nothing, and sinners all, how are you? I am fine, thanks?...week 3 in le studio, and all is going really, really well!!! we are all very excited, and I can't wait to finish...we have finished 3 1/2 songs, the fourth one being somewhat problematic and all, but I, never one to back down to a tussle with a tune, am fighting gloriously.. Alan Moulder, my good friend and noted rock and roll legend, is set to mix starting on Sept. 20, so we are set to be finished just in time for me to hop onto a plane and be in San Francisco for my first poetry book date...also am looking into some other poetry related events like book signings and some readings around the middle to end of October, so keep your eyes out...speaking of the book, is already taking pre-orders...if you want to see the cover art (by Yelena Yemchuk) click here what else can I tell you? life is good, am grateful to be alive...all thanks to god for everyday... I see that ex-zwan people are running their mouths again...the day will come when I set the record straight (not today), but let me say this to you now... I am not afraid of dirty, filthy people who have no self-respect or class...never have I met such creatures who feel so entitled to all yet contribute so little, not only to my life but the culture and the world in general...the world is on the brink of wars and mass terror, and their main concern is whether or not their indy friends still like them...kinda funny, kinda sad, kinda version of the zwan story is a good one, a sad one, and ultimately a tale of wasted moments and people who told me they were my friends but were really just there to take, take, take...time will reveal them to be the poseurs they truly are...don't let their dirty faces fool you, they painted them that way...their filth is in their larcenous hearts, if they have them at all... I got to see the Metallica movie the other night by my lonesome, and seeing the band work and their confusion and passion and heartache and whatever else was in there took me back to a simpler time of listening to "fade to black" on a shit boombox and pulling a 17 year old thru the gloom as he watched his grandma die...thank you Metallica boys for that always... I for one believe in James Hetfield... I also believe in love lovers and sweet things and the avatars that point the way and moments that matter and pure music and tainted music and good music and bad music and peace for all...see ya soon bc