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whenever i come back to seattle, i am always reminded of the pumpkins first trip there in 1990...we drove 40 hours from chicago to open up for TAD and the afghan whigs, hoping to impress the impressarios of sub-pop...this all right before the whole grunge thing blew up, and the simple times of what might happen, and of course we all know what this city will always be linked in my mind for that time, that feeling, that hope...anyway, yungchen and i walked around in the wet air and got some tacos and walked down to the wharf pier area whatever that is where they sell all the we got some good air before heading over to the venue, which sadly was not the right place for a poetry reading...the sound was not very good, and the staff was upset because no one was buying during the quietest moments you could hear the bartender slammming around glasses, all to make some point which is now forever lost...the show itself was interesting, strange, eccentric, and fell to a final sort of hrrrmpfff ending, just as i like the the end of the performance, as we were up there selling yungchen's cds and signing autographs, i asked out "is there anything else anyone needs?", to which a waitress, working thru the crowd at the last second, sarcastically said, "yeah, your liver!" so, you can see what the people in that bar thought of the impassioned relationship between the us that is me and you...the sad part is that she didn't realize that my liver has already been taken! (by whom, we can only guess, maybe people just like her)...the next day, we said our goodbyes because yungchen was flying back to new was a real honor to perform with yungchen, a very brave and courageous woman who inspires me with her grace and friendship...THANK YOU YUNGCHEN LHAMO... so on down we went to portland, just for a booksigning...we drove down in the *suprise* rain, and at one point gooch said "what's that?" and i said that's the tacoma dome...he said "how do you know that?, and i said, i don't know, i just know that it is...and so it was...we had a nice drive, listening to my new ROCK album...i say rock because somehow the world thinks i'm doing an acoustic album...not true!...i am (sorry to be repetitive) making an acoustic DVD, which will come out hopefully in winter 2005, hopefully to be followed by the pumpkins last show DVD in spring of 2006, ok? :)

i'm writing this last "book tour" post from chicago, having had a few days to recover from getting sick...the other night i went to see that movie "what the %&*# do we know" or whatever it is called, and in the movie, the lead character, played by marlee matlin, goes to a movie theatre which is the Baghdad theatre, whereby i was like "hey, that's the theatre that was across the street from the booksigning in portland!!", and so it was and is...the booksigning was awesome, they said it was the largest one they had ever had, and once again i thank everyone who stood outside in the rain and is really humbling to get so much love and support, i can't say it day, we flew on down to los angeles...ah, sunshine! here's what happened in no particular order: got to see jimmy, fresh from rehearsing with his band the COMPLEX, was on the dennis miller show (thank you dennis!), ate some dinner with yelena's parents, got to go shopping, saw some old friends i haven't seen in a while, went guitar shopping, did my book signing, and that's about it....i can't remember the order to well...but thanks to so many great fans coming to the signing, again, you guessed it, standing out in the rain! off to chicago!!! so yeah, i'm pretty tired at this point, having worked 80 days in a row, which of course is just stupid...i got sick all over again, and as of writing this I am still ill...anyway, the signing in downtown chicago was massive and great and i had a good time...the last signing was the following day in bloomingdale, illinois, which is just next door to where i grew up in glendale heights...the moral to the story is that it was the least attended signing out of all the ones that i did, which just made me laugh!!!! they still aren't very supportive of me out there, and i'm one of their own!! of course, they don't claim me, so there you go :) but thank you to the brave fans who braved the cold and the cultural scorn... i was hoping to see some old friends, and i did, which was wonderful...but i have to admit that outside of that, i was wondering if anyone from my past, some people i hadn't seen in 16+ years would come by, just to say "hello, good job, we are happy for you", etc...see, that is what happens when you try to go "home" wasn't ever a home to begin with, yet still i am searching...i certainly didn't find it "there"...everywhere i went on this book tour, i was greeted by the warmest of love, and the most profound encouragement...thank you again, my inspire me, and i realize that my "home" is often wherever you are...thanks for a wonderful, wonderful experience...i look forward to seeing you again when my ROCK album comes out in the early spring... next up: back in the studio to record ONE MORE SONG, and then that's it...i give up forever...
all my best bc
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