Billy Corgan (billycorgan) wrote,

About the 20th Anniversary shows...

Those of you that may have seen either the press release or any info out there about the tour may find yourself scratching your head a bit about the shows format. We tried to keep it simple but as is our custom, its just not always that simple!! SO I thought I would post up some additional info to make sure that there was absolute clarity about what shows would be going on where-when.

First off, the 2 night format is about playing the most songs over 2 nights that would hopefully create very distinct shows from one another. No song will be repeated means exactly as it sounds, if you go to show #1 of a 2 night stand (black sunshine!), you wouldn't hear anything on night # 2 (white crosses) that you heard song-wise on the first night.
The cities where we are playing only 1 show will feature an amalgamated show that will most likely have some songs we won't be playing in the 2 night format shows, but take from both the sunshine and the crosses show. Get it? I hope so...cause its a lot for us to digest as well.

Below is a list of shows, where I'll highlight just for overkill what show will be taking place:

Sunshine, Cross, or SS (special show for the one offs)

  • Sat 11/1 Cleveland, OH Palace Theatre (SS)
  • Mon 11/3 Toronto, ONT Massey Hall (sunshine)
  • Tue 11/4 Toronto, ONT Massey Hall (crosses)
  • Thu 11/6 New York, NY United Palace Theatre (sunshine)
  • Fri 11/7 New York, NY United Palace Theatre (crosses)
  • Sat 11/8 Atlantic City, NJ (SS) Borgata
  • Tue 11/11 Washington, DC DAR Constitution Hall (sunshine)
  • Wed 11/12 Washington, DC DAR Constitution Hall (crosses)
  • Fri 11/14 Boston, MA Wang Center (sunshine)
  • Sat 11/15 Boston, MA Wang Center (crosses)
  • Sun 11/16 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Arena (SS)
  • Tue 11/18 Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre (sunshine)
  • Wed 11/19 Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre (crosses)
  • Fri 11/21 Chicago, IL Auditorium Theatre (sunshine)
  • Sat 11/22 Chicago, IL Auditorium Theatre (crosses)
  • Mon 11/24 Kansas City, MO Midland Theatre (sunshine)
  • Tue 11/25 Kansas City, MO Midland Theatre (crosses)
  • Wed 11/26 St. Louis, MO Fox Theatre (SS)
  • Sun 11/30 San Diego, CA RIMAC Arena (SS)
  • Tue 12/2 Los Angeles, CA Gibson Amphitheatre (sunshine)
  • Wed 12/3 Los Angeles, CA Gibson Amphitheatre (crosses)
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