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Lisa's blog [Nov. 20th, 2007|12:21 pm]
Billy Corgan

Hello friends!

Thank you all for the warm birthday wishes. Some of you even shouted them out in the middle of the show last night! How sweet! To celebrate my b-day and the end of the American tour, we had a big sushi dinner at Nobu. It was great to have some quality time together before the big break.

Speaking of which, we will be home for almost 2 & 1/2 months. Seeing as I haven't been home for more than 5 days at a time since April, there will definitely be an adjustment period. However, I think we are all ripe for some rest and replenishment.

At last night's Dallas show, it really struck me how much we have all grown since April. Musically, we have taken lots of chances, turned arrangements inside out, memorized 70 songs or so. I have had a ball and I look forward to making more music together in 2008!

Here are some pics from the Orpheum Theatre shows in Boston. . .

The spaceship has landed!

Heavy Metal Machine!

My father took this pic when he came to see us in Boston. | Ginger, me and friends causin' trouble in the hotel lobby!

Jimmy rockin' Red Rocks, Colorado

Good times at the airport |
Doug, the crazy man behind the cart, is our tour manager. He is obsessed with baseball and his diet consists of crispy crème donuts and oreo cookies (don't forget the milk). The stuffed animal, Mr. Barkley, was not injured in the filming of this event.

Meeting of the minds

Keep it rockin!


[User Picture]From: meltederror
2008-03-17 05:16 am (UTC)
Ah, riding on the carts in the airport looks like fun! Too bad I am too scared to fly, so I will never enjoy such cartiness!
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From: (Anonymous)
2008-05-02 12:07 am (UTC)
how i miss you billy...your songs, your dreams
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